Arden "RD" Bolden Jr.
My Background 

Creator of the I.A.G. Apparel brand which houses the Detroit staple “Detroit Grind” as well as the “We Grind Different” and “Grind: Brands which have moved over 30,000 units in our own backyard and across the country.  

Creator of the annual Detroit Grind Expo. As an individual that started a business with 1000s of questions, we understood the importance of insight from junior and senior entrepreneurs. We provided this space as well as supporters for several up and coming local businesses. “What does Detroit Grind mean to you?” Here’s the highlight video:

Hosted/Co-Hosted several promotional events under the I.A.G. LLC brand featuring Carl Thomas, ET The Hip Hop Preacher, Gucci Mane, YG and the annual Detroit Grind Day Party.


Hosted and designed events to analyze the relationship between minority communities and law enforcement consisting of panels including Law Enforcement, State Reps, City Council members.

Co-creator of annual event that brings together Oakland/Wayne Mission to Feed 3,000 of our homeless community. We have done that program via the Ascend Foundation for 6 years now and it has truly served to be a blessing.

Co-creator of Motor City Gators/Motor City Wolverines(Detroit Pal) Football and Cheer Organization which served our general and at-risk youth with mentoring, life coaching, nutrition and athletic development.


Personal Info:

Name: Arden “RD” Bolden Jr.
Age: 39
Address: PO BOX 44271, Detroit MI 48244
Title: Owner
Business: I.A.G. Apparel/I Am The Grind LLC
Phone: 313.719.3977


Thanks for your time!!!