I Am The Grind LLC #IAG


I Am The GRIND LLC is a media group that develops media and manufactures culture; including clothing, media design and music production.  To date, we have serviced thousands of consumers with quality products, insight and excellent customer service. 


I Am The G.R.I.N.D. Apparel is a lifestyle brand founded in Detroit, in 2015.  I.A.G. Apparel is designed provide quality thought provoking statement products that disrupts the masses. We help innovative people channel their impactful essence with our apparel.



“I Am The Grind”  is a mindset based on managing adversity during the aggressive pursuit of freedom. For some, it is the financial freedom that allows you the lifestyle of your choice. For some, it is the physical freedom that allows life without restriction, where you can come and go as you please complete with access to long sought out areas. For some, it is the freedom to present yourself or your brand in a light that is indicative of your own unique thoughts and desires. For some, it is  the artistic freedom to create and express what you desire whether for personal or mass consumption...

Regardless of the freedom you pursue, it is giving yourself permission to be unapologetically you.  I Am The Grind is the mindset that refines your focus, to allow you to be resilient and disciplined throughout your journey.  It embodies the passion, pride and style that it takes to make it from underdog to trailblazer. Ultimately, it is the celebration that ensues after you conquer all obstacles en route to your success.  


Some call it Grinding...

We call it Guiding Reality Into New Direction... 


I Am The Grind: Live It Wear It.


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